A downloadable game for macOS

After Azrael is a leap motion controlled survival game in which you take control of a ship and travel through space saving stranded survivors. Moving your hand through motion leap control you can avoid asteroids and collect the survival capsules while the ship flies and shoots non-stop.

This game was developed at King during the November 2014 Minigamejam.

After Azrael was submitted to the Leap Motion 3D Jam by IndieCade and ranked 96/156.


I participated in the game design and presentation of the game:


Allan Cudicio (Game Design),
Gareth Burns (Game Design),
Richard Wepner (Code Lead),
Robert Luecke (Game Design),
Dennis Lieu (Code),
Volker Krux (Art & Game Design),
Marcel Benes (2D Art),
Amon Kalagin (3D Art),
Viktor Pekar (Code)

Install instructions

Leap motion controller required to play the game.


AfterAzrael.app.zip 32 MB
MiniGDD_AfterAzrael.docx 24 kB