A downloadable game for macOS

This game cannot be played without leap motion control!

The game ends when you overrun the ship with a horde of alien penguins.You lose if all your penguins die and you win when you reach the requested amount

Player 1 (leap motion): your aim is to move the ship so that the other player can control the penguins more easily

Player 2 (keyboard): your aim is to try to kill as many astronauts you can and to spawn as many other alien penguins you can.

This game was developed and presented during the January Berlin Minigamejam:


Allan Cudicio (Game Design)
Gareth Burns (Game Design)
Markus Bonk (Producer)
Volker Krux (Art, GUI, Code)
Dennis Lieu (Code)
Michael Oelke (Code)
Viktor Pekar (Code)
Marcel Benes (2D Art)
Amon Kalagin (3D Art)
Cedric Douhaire (Music)


PenguinsVsAstronauts.app.zip 72 MB
GDD_AlienPenguins.docx 28 kB