Berlin, 1982. Up in the clouds everyone was raving about west Berlin, David Bowie, Iggy Pop... Droppy was really looking forward to falling there; then, when he struck the first roof, a realization dawn on him, he was in dull East Berlin and had slide his way out of there!

This sidescroller was developed during Berlin´s GameWeek Minigamejam.

As a challenge everyone swapped roles and I was involved in this game´s development mostly as a 2D artist.

Job Swap Squad

Allan Cudicio - Game Designer as 2D Artist

Raphael Koller - 3D Artist as Programmer/Level Design

Samir Riecke - Artist as Producer/Game Designer

Dennis Lieu - Programmer as 3D Artist

Jasmin Heinemann - Game Designer as 2D Artist

Chika - Programmer

Viktor Pekar - Programmer as Music & SFX

Install instructions

Donwload and upack the files. Makes sure that the "data" folder is in the same location with ".exe" . Click on drop.exe in order to start the game and have fun!


Download 14 MB
Download 17 MB