Berlin, 1982. Up in the clouds everyone was raving about west Berlin, David Bowie, Iggy Pop... Droppy was really looking forward to falling there; then, when he struck the first roof, a realization dawn on him, he was in dull East Berlin and had slide his way out of there!

This sidescroller was developed during Berlin´s GameWeek Minigamejam.

As a challenge everyone swapped roles and I was involved in this game´s development mostly as a 2D artist.

Job Swap Squad

Allan Cudicio - Game Designer as 2D Artist

Raphael Koller - 3D Artist as Programmer/Level Design

Samir Riecke - Artist as Producer/Game Designer

Dennis Lieu - Programmer as 3D Artist

Jasmin Heinemann - Game Designer as 2D Artist

Chika - Programmer

Viktor Pekar - Programmer as Music & SFX

Published May 11, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
AuthorAllan Cudicio
Tags2D, Endless, jumping

Install instructions

Donwload and upack the files. Makes sure that the "data" folder is in the same location with ".exe" . Click on drop.exe in order to start the game and have fun!


Download 14 MB
Download 17 MB