A downloadable game for Windows

Freya is a manga inspired, story driven, 2D vertical shoot them up for PC set in a northern mythological world. It´s a game in which you take control of the goddess Freya and through diplomacy and battles you try to stop an impending apocalypse.

This project was developed between November 2014 and February 2015 by a 5 man team as a student project of the Games Academy. I envisioned the project and then worked on it as producer and game designer.

Freya was exhibited at Berlin´s IndieDev event Talk & Play 11


And at the yearly Quo Vadis conference as part of the Games Academy delegation:



Allan Cudicio Game Design and Producing
Constantin Copony Game Design, GUI, Animations, VFX
Gareth Burns Game Design and Writing
Lisa Frommert 2D Art and Animation
Michael Oelke Programming, Music and SFX

Install instructions

If you don´t want to play it via browser just donwload and unzip the files. Make sure that the "data" folder is in the same location with "freya.exe" . Click on freya.exe in order to start the game and have fun!


Freya.zip 152 MB
VisionDoc.pdf 5 MB